• Flooring Canada - Resista Carpet - Whitaker - Pearl

Flooring Canada - Resista Carpet - Whitaker - Pearl

  • You’ll never believe that carpet this luxurious could be do durable! We invite you to get know our 4-star Resista® Whitaker carpet. Available in 20 colors to complement and enhance any décor, this plush Saxony carpet is so soft and beautiful you’ll want to put it in every room. And with the incredible stain resistance of Resista®, you can put it anywhere without a worry. Kids? Pets? Parties? Resista® repels stains like water off a duck’s back! In fact, it’s so tough against stains and wear that we back it with a 20-year warranty. It doesn’t make sense to settle for anything less than the perfect carpet. Put your foot down and demand the toughest soft carpet in the industry – Resista® Whitaker.

Product Details

  • Category: Carpet
  • Size: 12'
  • Warranty: 4 Star
  • Type: Saxony
  • Material/Fiber: Polyester
  • Length: 100
  • Pile Height: 0.59
  • Face Weight: 48
  • Stitches per Inch: 7.50
  • Yarn: Spun

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Flooring Canada - Resista Carpet - Whitaker - Pearl

  • $3.80/sq. ft

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